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Holding an event can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many matters which need to be dealt with and so many small details which can be overlooked. If you want to hold an event which your guests would remember it is important that you pick the right Gold Coast function venues for it.

Tips for picking the right Gold Coast function venues

The first thing that you need to do before you pick a venue is to consider a guest list. Having an idea regarding the number of people who come into your event would help you determine the amount of space which you require and also what kind of venue would be well suited to accommodate your guests.

Make sure that you also considered location once you have an idea of how many people are coming. It would be best if you could choose a venue which is close and convenient for everyone.

Also consider the event because different types of events are that suited for vastly different venues. For example you may want to book a conference room if you are getting together with your professional team to network or set up any sort of training event. On the other hand if you are celebrating an Anniversary or a birthday you may want to celebrate it by the poolside or even choose a small picnic shelter at a local park for children’s party. Choosing the correct venue would also complete the look of your event and if you are looking for something classy and elegant then you could always go for a grand ballroom belonging to a luxury hotel.

Before you book a venue it is important that you know your budget this would help keep things to a minimum and would also allow you to devote cash for things like food and entertainment. It is not only the rental cost of the venue that needs to be taken into account. In fact you may also need to find a list of ways for the different services which might include the use of tables and chairs and the cost of the setup

Before you book the venue it is important that you get a tour of the place so that you can have an idea of whether it is big enough for your event or you might need a bigger space. You might want to consider things like a rain shelter, if it is an outdoor venue or you may want to have a separate room for the guests to change if you are having a pool party.

You can also get inspiration for your events by searching up stuff on the Internet or if you have been to any recent event in the past and liked what you have seen. You could always add on to your creativity and do something similar to what appeals to you.

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If you are thinking about motorcycle hire for your next road trip you need to keep in mind that it is quite different than driving a car. It is important to keep a check on the traffic laws and use basic common sense in order to reduce the incidence of fatalities which are usually involved during motorcycle accidents. However the following basic safety rules would ensure that your ride is smooth and safe.

Safe riding tips from the experts at motorcycle hire

  • It is essential that while you are driving a motorcycle you should always wear a helmet with a face shield. If you prefer you can even wear protective eyewear. A rider who does not wear a helmet is at risk and could sustain a life threatening head injury.
  • The clothing that you wear while riding a motorcycle would reduce the amount of injuries if it skids or falls down. It is important to wear leather clothing and boots which come with grips, it is important and essential to wear gloves so that your hands can get a better grip of the handles and you are able to maneuver the bike carefully.
  • Always remember to follow the traffic rules and obey the speed limit. If you are driving to fast it would be difficult for you to slow down and could result in fatalities.
  • It what is essential to keep your riding skills in check. You must have a license and should even take riding courses from time to time to develop the right kind of riding technique and to also improve your street-smart strategies.
  • Before you start the right it is important that you are well prepared for it. The motorcycle should be fit to be ridden and you should make sure that it is in good working order. Take a look at the tires and check for any cracks or bulges. if you believe that the tread of the trier is worn out you might want to invest a new ones.
  • If you see any signs of an oil or gas leak make sure to get it checked immediately. Carry out the same testing methods for the headlight, the tail light as well as the signals to ensure that they are all functioning properly. Last but not the least do check the hydraulic fluids.
  • Do not forget to check out the clutch and the throttle and see whether they are working smoothly or not. The mirrors also need to be cleaned and adjusted so that you can have the perfect view. Also take a look at the brakes both the front and the back.

It is extremely important to keep all of the above mentioned safety tips in mind before you start riding your motorcycle. Another thing to consider is that you should only go for a motorcycle hire from a reliable vendor. They should be someone you could trust because you would be handing over your important documents as safe keeping while you get a motorcycle for hire.

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Does your calendar prominently display plans for organising a killer event? Tracking people’s attendance at your event is popularly covered by wristbands and tickets. What is your choice?

Simple explanation of event wristbands

Of course, you know what an event wristband is! It is a circlet made of different materials that are worn on the wrists by attendees during events.

Yet, today’s wristbands have become available in all colours, material, sizes, and shapes. The popular materials used for events wristbands include:

  • Paper, yes, paper but the durable kind such as Tyvek
  • Cloth
  • Plastic
  • RFID
  • Vinyl
  • Silicone

The varied technology and materials used in wristbands have made the must-haves during big and small events and festivals. Wristbands using the latest technology such as RFID have become popular for event organisers that want to track their attendees.


Importance of using wristbands for any event


Event organisers have seen the sense of using wristbands than tickets for events. While tickets are still useful to some event organisers, the use of smart technology in many wristbands for events make them the top choice.

The importance of using wristbands for any event includes:

Win at branding

Tickets can be colourful with custom designs to include trendy holograms and patterns. However, wristbands are the preferred choice of attendees. It’s human nature to keep mementos of important events. This includes tickets, booklets, and whatever of exciting events, concerts, and festivals.

However, tickets can’t be worn on the wrist. Customers like wearing colourful and beautifully-designed wristbands showing favourite brands and logos.

A business that creates an outstanding wristband design for customers to wear over the years wins at branding. The free advertising your brand gets displayed on the wrists of your clients and attendees is priceless.


Helps to secure the event

Killer events attract both legal and illegal attendees. Things quickly get out of control when people start swarming the gate of the event. The security team finds their hands full trying to weed out the legal attendees from the freeloaders.

Wristbands can make the security of the event stay protected at all times. The particular colour used in the wristbands helps to identify the classification of attendees.

For instance, attendees wearing colours for ages below 21 can quickly be stopped by security personnel to drink beer or wine. Missing children are quickly found using the colour-code of the wristband.


Quick and fast entry

Checking people’s entry into the event will always be done whether tickets or wristbands are used. However, the quickest way to let people in is by way of wristbands.

The long lines at the entry point of any event are usually caused by people searching their pockets or wallets for their tickets. Handing them over to the ticket checker uses up additional time.

Leveraging an RFID wristband or flashing a cloth, silicone, or plastic wristband is the fastest and seamless way of allowing attendees in. What could be faster than that?








It’s not rocket science to know the meaning of office catering. In Brisbane, office catering Brisbane companies is the services that provide drink and food for an organization or business.

The trick is to find the right office caterer that sticks to your budget while delighting guests and clients alike.

Looking for the perfect catering service can be stressful and overwhelming. The wide range of catering companies you see online with their perfect food shots can make the choice confusing and daunting.

The best way to narrow the search is to decide on what you want in terms of food choices and time schedules.


Mobile Catering Services

A smaller-scale niche catering is offered by the various kinds and types of food trucks. Food truck catering can be a fun way of catering to small corporate meetings especially if your building has a safe and large parking area to accommodate the truck. The varied menus offered by food trucks can make the food choice unique, fun, and exciting for all attendees.


Local Catering Services

Hiring local catering services provides many benefits since they are more attuned to the culture and location. Doing their business with local suppliers enables them to provide flavour-packed seasonal ingredients that only travel for a shorter distance. There is also the opportunity to hire catering companies that are involved in local organic produce.


National and International Catering Services

National and international catering services offer their advantages. They are capable of offering you in-house teams, branded catering processes, and choice of venues. However, their expensive price tag, impersonal service, lack of creativity, and uniformity are the downsides of national and international catering services.


In-House Catering option

Employing a chef and catering team to cook for your special corporate event becomes possible when your company has an on-site kitchen facility. The in-house catering guarantees fresh food servings on every corporate occasion from breakfast or lunch meetings to larger corporate events.


Catering Options for Boosting Productivity

Corporate occasions and events are often large gatherings that need different types of catering options.

Catered functions

Catered functions are more about providing food sustenance to employees and executives. This type of catering occasion is to boost productivity while not losing time for eating.

Plated Lunches

Restaurant experience is provided by the high-end catering service that comes with attendant servers. This type of catering is a bit expensive since more staff is needed to serve the meals. Time for eating the meals take a long time as well as the menu offered is meant to be enjoyed.

This kind of catering is a great option for entertaining clients. Entertaining the clients becomes more personal and intimate when a table and meal is shared with them.

Boxed Lunches

Boxed lunches are the equivalent of a happy meal corporate style. Opting for this kind of catering provides easily-distributed meals minus crockery and less food wastage.

Buffet Lunches

Employees taking part in corporate buffet lunches provide them more food choices than boxed lunches. Hiring the services of station attendants ensures portion servings that prevent food wastage while sticking to the budget as well.

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The first major decision that has to be made by engaged couples when planning their wedding is the choice of wedding venue. The multiple options offered by Mornington wedding venues can challenge any engaged couple.

Yet, the task becomes doable if the couple agrees on what they want and need. Here are some important things to think about when scouting around for the perfect wedding venue.


Ample space

Looking at the empty spaces of several potential venues can make you think that it’s enough. However, wedding essentials such as chairs, tables, buffet table, and table for the cake, sound system or band can quickly eat up space. The smartest thing to do is to pay the venue a visit when they are hosting another wedding. This can make you see if space works for what you have planned for your big day.


Separate sections

An ideal wedding venue should have separate sections that can accommodate the typical activities of a wedding party. This means that the shape of the place should be taken into serious consideration. For instance, odd-shaped areas in the middle of the room may block people’s views at the back on things happening in front.  The flow of the wedding activities can be compromised by factors like this.



Privacy during the wedding is important to the newly-weds and their guests. This means that a wedding venue should have security measures to turn gate crashers away. Complete privacy is achieved with venues that only host events once–a-day. If they don’t and you like the venue, pay them a visit when they are hosting an event to see how the activities of one can affect the other.


Lighting sets the ambiance of the wedding party. The right use of lighting can set the perfect mood for the couple and their guests. A venue with lots of windows is the ideal option for daytime weddings. For night-time weddings, the lighting in the hallway and room should be checked to see if it’s adequate. Using candles may not provide adequate lighting even when it is a romantic idea. Ask as well if the lighting is included with the rent of the space.


Venues offering amazing views are the best if the budget allows. However, creative decor can do wonders for venues that do not offer lush views. The thing is to make the theme and decor unique to entertain waiting guests.


Parking space

Adequate parking space should be considered as well. However, carpooling or shuttle rides to the wedding venue can quickly resolve the problem of parking space. You don’t have to forego the chosen venue for lack of parking space.


Sound quality

Acoustics is an important thing to consider especially when the chosen venue is a closed-off space like ballrooms. A playing band can produce reverberating sounds that will hinder conversation. The rule of thumb to remember when it comes to acoustics is this: carpeted floors muffle sounds while tile floors amplify them.


The guest list, attire, theme, catering, and decor are all essential things to plan for your wedding. However, all these things are influenced by the choice of wedding venue. Dream weddings happen because of the right choice of wedding venue. Get married at a Mornington Peninsula wedding venue because they have beautiful views and romantic ambiance.


Reception Venues

Doing a bit of fishing is the finest way of rounding up a tropical vacation. Fishing in the ocean is still the best way to do it and booking a boat charter the smartest way to do so.

Booking Cairns fishing charters is a great way to spend a day or two or even just a few hours on the water. Chartering a boat frees you from worrying about things such as fuel costs, finding a fish, and mooring the boat. The tricky part is in picking out the right boat charter for your needs.

There are a few things to consider when booking a fishing charter, to include:


Close to you

A charter that’s close to the place you’re currently staying makes sense. It doesn’t make sense to book a boat charter across the city when there’s a marina just a couple of steps from you. Don’t get tempted with the cheaper rates offered by charters across the city. Remember, charter boats leave very early in the morning. Travelling across town before the sun rises is difficult. You would not welcome the stress of waking up earlier than you should to make it to the boat schedule.

Kind of preferred Fishing

The kind of preferred fishing is another consideration. Do you prefer reef, inshore, night or offshore fishing? The kind of fishing you want is the determinant for your choice of chartered fishing. Remember to ask the boat charter about the types of fishing opportunities they offer. Don’t forget to mention the type of fishing you prefer to do as well. You might end up on a tuna charter when you preferred fishing bonefish in the flats.


The Size of the Group

Will a lot of people go with you on the boat fishing charter or are you fishing alone? Being alone or having several numbers of people along with you determines the kind of charter boat you need.

A large group would need to hire a private charter. Being on your own can make you share a charter with other people.

There are pretty standard charter boats that can hold up to six people. Party boats, on the other hand, are capable of accommodating up to 60 people. A shared charter is a good option if you don’t mind sharing a boat with total strangers as long as you get on the water. Private charters offer the best experience if money is not the issue.


The Duration of the Trip

The duration of the trip is another factor to consider before hiring a charter boat. An overnight charter means fishing all night or sleeping all night on the boat. A full day charter means eight hours of fishing and four hours fishing for a half-day charter.

An all-day charter does not guarantee the catching of more fish. However, the chance of hooking big ones is boosted with all-day charter trips.


The Type of Boat

The kind of trip you experience depends on the type of chosen boat. A centre console boat is not the right choice for an overnight trip. A large sportfisher will not make you fish the flats. Having a specific fishing goal determines the right type of charter boat to pick.


One of the most trivial decisions one has to make when it comes to travelling is where they will stay. Accommodation options often affect the popularity of a  travel destination. Thus, there have been massive investment projects set to provide exquisite accommodation for travelers on holiday.

These accommodation options range from hotels and motels, hostels and apartments. For those who would rather experience the authenticity of the destination they are visiting and be like one of the locals, accommodation apartments are the way to go. They create a home away from home with a touch of new experiences and a side of interaction with locals.

Choosing Hervey Bay accommodation apartments can be the difference between a fun-filled and relaxed holiday and an unsettled one. There is a wide array of choices when it comes to accommodation apartments. You get to select the one that best suits your travel plans.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Accommodation Apartment

The first determiner of the type, size and location of the accommodation apartment you choose is your intended expenditure. There is a wide array of choices that fall under different budget ranges, each of which is designed and crafted to provide you with the ultimate travel experience.

You also need to consider the number of people that will be occupying the apartment. Account for both adults and children to avoid being crammed into a tiny space. There are accommodation apartments that are child-friendly and are smoke-free. This is also a critical factor to consider.

Your desired lifestyle determines several factors in choosing an accommodation apartment. It will affect the location and size, not to mention the extra resources and services you get. A highly lavish lifestyle also leads to an increase in pricing.

Finally, you need to consider the period you will spend in the accommodation apartment. The activities you plan to engage in determining the amount of time you are in the apartment. These details should guide your choice. You will either be spending too much or too little time in the apartment.

The type of resources you will need for the house will be determined by the activities you engage in, and it also affects the quality of experience you get while on holiday. For those who fancy a home away from home and integration with local culture and community, the opportunities offered by shopping sprees for your apartment will feed your needs.

Advantages of Accommodation Apartments

Other than getting to experience the authentic lifestyle of the locals, you also get extra perks such as additional leisure resources. You get to use swimming pools, saunas and gyms, WIFI, parking spaces, bars and eating establishments all within the vicinity of the accommodation apartment. These extra services are dependent on the type of apartment you choose.

The staff are friendly and ever ready to assist you. You get excellent value for your money as the accommodation is exquisite. Your apartment will be fully stocked with necessary resources. You will get a fully functioning kitchen and fully furnished rooms with sleek furniture and stellar décor.

Space in the apartments is enough for all your needs, and you will find them adequately cleaned, and everything set apart for use. You get to do all you need within the accommodation apartments and enjoy proximity to breathtaking scenery and leisure centres such as malls and restaurants.


Hervey Bay, Queensland, maybe generally known for its humpback whales and the Fraser Island, which is a major tourist attraction known for its beaches and rainforest habitat. However, in the city’s interior, it is home to several beautiful and classy restaurants which has made people ask for more. With more than 120 restaurants and other places to eat in Hervey Bay, there is a range of restaurants you can choose. There is no such thing as a shortage or inadequacy when it comes to places you can eat in Hervey Bay. In Hervey Bay, you definitely should be on the lookout for every taste. Right from every fast food café to several other restaurants with some of the delicious food or dishes that will be provided.

Atmosphere or environment is also essential when it comes to looking out for places to eat. Hervey Bay is known for its serene and beautiful setting with beachfront cafés. Also known for restaurants having great views of the beach and water, and bars that can give you a swell time.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Right Place to eat

When you feel hungry or feel like eating something, trying to find places to eat in Hervey Bay is not something that will happen out of the blue. There are certain considerations you will have to carefully look into to enable you to select the right place to eat. In any place, you find yourself in, whether, in the main city or town centre, it is quite easy to get a restaurant or café around. However, these places are different from one another on several grounds. Let’s now have a look at the factors to consider so that you can choose the right place to eat.


Ensure you consider the location of the restaurant or café because it is an essential factor. Choose a place to eat that can be easily reached. It has to be a place that you can get to making use of your preferred means of transport. For instance, it isn’t right to travel 90 miles to eat food that is worth $15. Choose a restaurant that you can quickly walk into or drive to. You can as well find the lovely areas of the restaurant, such as those with architectural embellishes. The restaurant’s area will determine the amount of money you will spend.

Menu of the place

The menu of the place to eat is another crucial factor to consider. If you are going out to eat with the family, ensure that they have food for everybody. Different restaurants have majored in a particular cuisine. For instance, Chinese restaurants solely provide different Chinese food. If you’re on the lookout for a specific cuisine, then it is vital to look for the restaurant that has specialised in same. It is most likely that you get food for everyone in a restaurant that offers or provides a broad menu.


The ambience of the place to eat matters a lot. So, you should also consider this too. A particular restaurant that you go to might have a great architectural design, but the furnishings might not be your preference. The atmosphere or feeling of the restaurant counts based on the type of dining that you want to have in the restaurant.


The quality of service that you will be given in a restaurant should be part of your deciding factors. If the waiters are friendly people and they receive you warmly, then it is a sign that the quality of food that will be offered will be topnotch too. When you go to restaurants that have friendly staff, they tend to give quality services. Put into consideration the neatness of the place and quality of food you are provided with.

Foods You Should Try Out in Hervey Bay Restaurants

Hervey Bay is home to several culinary scenes with various cuisines and dishes you can be served with. Australians generally are easy-going people with much delicious food all around to get. Even though Australia is a mix of several cultures and nationalities, there are a few dishes that every visitor should have on their table, check them out.

  1. Chicken Parmigiana
  2. Crab sticks
  3. Burgers
  4. Rolls
  5. Meat Pie
  6. Pavlova
  7. Fish & Chips
  8. Kangaroo meat
  9. Australian Barbecue
  10. Barramundi
  11. Lamingtons
  12. Tim Tam


Family resorts have age-fitting exercises with an overseeing group of experts. They connect with children and engage them all through their stay at the family resorts. Your kids get a bona fide experience with inventive children to experience programs, while you unwind too. They structure these projects for all ages and set a vital involvement in an easygoing, fun and safe condition.

Qualities of family resorts in Gold Coast

Cordial and supportive staff

Now and again, representatives are the ones who have the effect, not the properties or the luxuries. Families observe supportive front work area staff who will invite them when they arrive late with their worn out children. They have maids and staff who can recollect your children’s hypersensitivity needs by their second dinner.

Clean to its maximum level

They guarantee elevated expectations of tidiness, which is a prerequisite for the two grown-ups and youngsters. They certification clean floors for infants to slither and shimmering baths for children to wash in. Air quality is a factor that will help in lessening youth hypersensitivities. Along these lines, they keep non-smoking rooms free from smell. Notwithstanding, smoking rooms never smell as though they were used by constant smokers.

Stimulation for the whole family

The emphasis so regularly on kids exercises where they participate in their directed exercises. This gives guardians and grandparents time to participate in exercises, for example, workout regimes and culinary occasions.

Pools and water parks

Pools more often than not pull in numerous families whether they are inside or outside. These retreats fuse water park components, for example, sluggish waterways or play territories with water guns and shower highlights. They have shallow pools where your children can swim in comfort.

Worth included additional items

Families esteem the additional items that improve a trek just as the arrangements. On the off chance that the rates contrast and different properties in the zone yet incorporate admission to the nearby water park, families think of it as a worth.

The hotels offer additional items, for example, hot breakfast, free stopping, early registration, and late checkout. They can supplement with administrations, for example, wi-fi for some clients, youngsters, dinners and bunks and exercises, for example, expressions and art and film appears.

Exercises and play spaces

They give kids exercises that connect with them physically and rationally. These projects are more-esteemed than having them before a screen. Likewise, there are expressions and art sessions, enchantment appears, clubs for explicit age gatherings and open-air fire singalongs for children all things considered. Play areas or yard spaces are basic for families that have dynamic kids.

Home-like qualities

With every one of the spaces and accommodations, families adore it, prescribe it and want to come back to it since it feels like home. They have open suites for children to play which the families respect all around exceedingly. Washers, driers, and coolers make a stay agreeable, increasingly loose and practical.

Helpful area

Families need family resorts being over the road, a couple of minutes away drive from neighbourhood attractions and strip malls. They can offer day by day and complimentary transport transportation to the close-by purposes of fascination.

Comprehensive exercises

There is generally a positive inclination when you pay one cost for everything, and afterwards, families with children can nourish and engage themselves. Families exceedingly esteem thorough projects, for example, exercises and exercises, for example, swimming, zip covering and skiing utilising fitting gear.

At last, on the off chance that you are going with youngsters, Ultiqa off family resorts on the Gold Coast can offer family rates or limited rates for underage kids.


There is both a healthy humour and an interesting irony in the maxim telling us to eat, drink and be merry for the next day we are going to perish. It definitely has a taste of sad reality and an appetite for happiness knowing that man as a social animal, is gregarious; thus, would like to mingle and socialise with other people in a setting like a tavern. People come to a tavern with different thoughts and emotions but with the same intention. Friendships are either strengthened or destroyed depending on one’s temper or self-control. Others find acceptance and love from a stranger, and a majority of those who spend the night in Richlands Tavern go home tipsy and sleepy.

The above-mentioned scenario is living proof and concrete evidence that no man is an island. He cannot survive without the need to ask for help from other people. Even affluent and influential people need friends to talk to. Friends may come and go, but the right to be happy and full is both a right and a privilege. A right because of our freedom of choice or want. A privilege because not everyone has the audacity to come to a place of entertainment without bringing a dime or two for his food and drinks.

What is a tavern?

A tavern is a place of business where people gather to drink alcoholic beverages and to be served food. In most cases, travellers or transients avail of room and food service. A tavern is also considered as an inn since it has a license to welcome and accept guests and lodgers. Over time the terms “tavern” and “inn” became interchangeable and synonymous. In England for example, inns started to be referred to as public places, houses or pubs and the term became the standard for all drinking houses.

Difference between a tavern and a pub

Some establishments may also serve food, or have entertainment but their main purpose is to serve alcoholic beverages. Although the terms are increasingly used to refer to the same thing, there is a slight difference between pubs, bars, inns, taverns, and lounges where alcohol is served commercially.

Why is a tavern can be called a bar?

A pub, or public house, is an establishment licensed to sell alcoholic drinks and beverages, which traditionally include beer such as ale or cider. Pubs can be traced back to Roman taverns, through the Anglo-Saxon alehouse to the development of the tied house system in the 19th century.

Traditional Richlands Tavern setting

  • Alcohol-free bar
  • Bar
  • Beer garden
  • Beer hall
  • Biker bar
  • Brewpub
  • Cantina
  • Cider house

Most popular mixed drinks

  • Daiquiri stocksy
  • Manhattan Stocksy
  • Whiskey Sour Stocksy
  • Dry Martini
  • Margarita
  • Moscow Mule
  • Mojito
  • Sazerac

Tasty food to taste

  • Irish Soda bread
  • Welsh rabbit
  • Shepherd’s pie
  • Luxe bubble and squeak
  • Banger and egg sandwiches
  • Beef hand pies
  • Beef stew
  • Fried beer- battered fish and chips

Aside from serving food and drinks, customers in Richlands Tavern can entertain themselves with a series of songs from a solo singer or a famous band. There is a chance to sing alone or with a pair or group of friends,  and or join in a community singing or dancing with a partner to the tune of classic or country folk music.

Reception Venues

Are you a jewellery lover? Do you like all things bling? A simple outfit can look classy with the addition of a few classic pieces of jewellery. Let’s admit is women adore gems and would love to own a few statement pieces which can add a great deal of oomph to any ordinary and simply garb. However, not everyone can afford to buy diamonds, emeralds and rubies. This is mainly because those on a budget would have to think twice about investing in an expensive piece. Plus you have to worry about its safety as well. These things are at a risk for burglaries and are often locked behind a bank vault only to be taken out on a special occasion.

However, if you want to enjoy wearing glamorous jewellery minus the worry of cost and theft than cubic zirconia bangles are your best choice. Not only do these look great but al cost a great deal lee. Another benefit of these is that they come in a variety of designs and cuts. There is one which you would definitely love to own. So why not flaunt the sparkle and shine like the brilliant star that you are while wearing classy CZ pieces.

Cubic zirconia is an artificially synthesised stone which closely resembles a diamond due to its fiery appearance. It was initially manufactured in Russia for research and scientific purposes but was later on used to create tuning jewellery pieces somewhere during the 1970’s.

These days’ jewellers use the stone to create stunning pieces which can adorn ay woman and make her look like a million dollars. Why pay so much when you can get a gorgeous piece for a fraction of the cost. Thinking about getting engaged? Try buying a cubic zirconia engagement ring. Trying to add some style to the little black dress? Adorn your wrists with cubic zirconia bangles t instantly add oomph.

Also an interesting fact about CZ is that it resembles a diamond ye unlike a diamond which could be flawed, CZ is flawless. Why? Simply because it’s synthetically manufactured while a diamond is a naturally occurring stone.

Also a CZ can be cut and styled to resemble a diamond. So if you are looking for statement jewellery which is classy yet within your budget, a CZ jewellery piece is your best bet.

Why go for cubic zirconia jewellery?

One reason why CZ jewellery is so popular is due to its low cost. Also it’s quite sturdy and is much harder than other gemstone or mineral. Also any jewellery made from CZ is much sturdier because these stones don’t need an adhesive to be engraved into rings or any other jewellery pieces. Therefore you can wear these on a daily basis and it can bear a great deal of wear and tear.

CZ jewellery is pretty low maintenance, you just need to use few basic steps for it upkeep. If there is need the CZ jewellery can be cleaned using warm soapy water and then dried completely to retain it is actually shine. Also when not in use it should be wrapped in a soft cloth to prevent any cuts or abrasions.


Are you looking for the perfect engagement ring? One which makes people in awe of its beauty? A diamond ring doesn’t have to be ostentatious and over the top to elicit compliments. Something delicate yet sophisticated can have just the same impact. Sometimes a tastefully designed diamond ring looks a great deal more beautiful than a gaudy oversized one.

The following tips can help you find the perfect diamond engagement rings in Sydney.

Tips for purchasing a diamond engagement ring

  • Always set a budget in mind. Diamond rings can cost anywhere from $400 and above. Keeping he amount you want to spend in mind can help you narrow down your search and find a ring much earlier. Just because you don’t have a huge budget doesn’t mean you can’t get anything tasteful or lovely.
  • Keep in mind that the colour, clarity, cut and carat or the size of the wedding ring would have a big impact on the size of the ring. You might need to compromise on one or two of these to make sure the ring fits in your budget.
  • Keep your girl’s taste in mind. Does she prefer classic or modern looks? Does she wear cool tones or prefer warm metallic ones. Also keep in mind what her usually style is? Does she prefer things delicate or a bit showy? All these things would help you find the perfect diamond engagement ring.
  • Knowing her ring size would be a tremendous help. If the proposal is supposed to be a surprise for her, take help from a friend or a family member. They could help get her ring size for you. A ring which is a perfect fit is actually the icing on the cake. Knowing her preference and the correct size means you won’t go wrong and it’s going to be the best proposal ever.
  • Knowing your girl’s aesthetic taste can help you find the perfect ring. Does she like traditional pieces, a round or oval shaped ring would be perfect. If she’s into minimalism, a clean cut square or diamond shape are her preference. Knowing her taste whether simple or eclectic can help you find the right engagement ring.
  • If your girl prefers the great outdoors and leads an active lifestyle choose a ring which is well suited to be worn every day in all kinds of conditions. Choose a ring in a sturdier setting and nothing too delicate.
  • Solitaire diamond rings are probably the most popular choice. The single diamond is held in a prong setting which makes it secure. The prong setting allows the diamond to catch the light and shine brighter.
  • Find the right jeweller. It is important because you want to buy a ring from someone who is reliable and is able to provide you proof of the rings genuineness. Also a store has return policies. Make sure you know about the return policy. In case you might need to change the ring and get another one with a different shape and design.


Wedding Reception Brisbane

Are you thinking about planning your wedding reception in Brisbane? Do you want to have a reception which your guests would remember for years to come? Just because you don’t have an enormous budget doesn’t mean you can’t plan a beautiful reception. The following tips and pointers would help you plan an event which would make your wedding an affair to remember.

Decide on a wedding date

Before you actually start searching for venues and plan a reception, choose a date for your wedding. This is because the first question you would be asked is whether you are having a summer, winter or spring wedding. Setting the date helps you know which function or venue hire caterers are available. Also it would let you know which of your guests would be around to attend the wedding.

Determine how much you could spend plan a budget

Planning a wedding becomes easier when you have the budget in mind. You will have to know how much you would like to spend on the venue, the food and who would you like to invite. If your budget is small, it’s ideal to have a smaller wedding with just your near and dear ones in attendance. You could have a wonderful event in a small budget as well. So before you start visiting the venues and the caterers, chalk out a budget to save time.

Decide what kind of reception would you like

When you are done with the above two it’s time to checklist the following.

  • Do you want an indoor or an outdoor wedding?
  • Would you like to have a sit down dinner or a standing style buffet? There are many options to choose from, so make sure you get to know what you would like.
  • Do you plan on having a toast at the wedding? A toast is a fun way to say a few things about the couple and it’s something which can be enjoyable. Also decide on who you would like to toast you as a couple.
  • Dancing at the wedding is an important part of the event. Usually dances start right after dinner. That way guests who might want to leave earlier could do so. Also you would need some space for the wedding dance. Make sure you mention it beforehand.
  • What kind of photographs would you like? These days’ photo booths are very popular and while guests wait for the wedding party to arrive, they can get a few pictures taken at the booth. This is like a small memento from your wedding. You would also need to hire a wedding photographer in Brisbane.
  • Finally you have got to decide the menu. Again the budget you have in mind would help you select a menu. You need to decide whether there would be a sit down menu or a buffet for your guests. Also get to know if there are options for people who are diet conscious.

Planning a wedding is easier when you keep the above mentioned things in mind. For more information on wedding receptions in Brisbane, contact a established venue.


Reception Venues

If there were only one city in Italy (impossible) to advise the foodies of the planet, it would be Bologna (yes). It is true that this is not the first Italian city that we think of when we imagine comfortably installed on a terrace, glass of wine (or beer) in hand, crunching a tooth in a huge pizza crisp or taking a fork of pasta bolognesa (moreover it is not for nothing that they are called “Bolognese”).

Of course if you launch us, we could continue to write whole paragraphs on the sweets of this city, both salty and sweet (well continue reading and you will end up falling over). If the good Italian dishes are not enough to attract you to Bologna, then perhaps the architecture worthy of a museum, one of the oldest universities in Europe, hospitality, culture, bars and the general atmosphere that reigns there will make you falter. So follow us, here are the good plans not to miss in Bologna.

Bologna Italy

Our 4 favorites in Bologna

If tradition is that we often reserve the best for the end, not this time! As much your gives the best tips and other good addresses from the start, right? Difficult to make a choice, so after many debates and dilemmas, we finally managed to make our top list.

1. Gourmet break at Sorbetteria Castiglione

One thing is certain, you will be spoiled for choice among the many glaciers of the city. But if we had to choose … Impossible not to literally melt in front of one of the ice cream Italian Sorbetteria Castiglione. You may spend a good fifteen minutes trying to decide among the farandole of perfumes on offer (seasonal please). In short, a delight!

Sorbetteria Castiglione, Bologna @ linz10783

2. A coffee as we like it at Fram Café

If just as we like you to taste a good coffee (a true real), there are plenty of good places in Italy. But if we had to choose it would be at Fram café, the coffee is top, the vintage decor, the relaxing atmosphere … A little peace has the corner of a small lane of Bologna. What more ?

What to do in Bologna - Fram café @antoniomartiniello

3. Paradise for library rats …

This sublime library (open to the public, yes you’ve read correctly) does not remind you of anything? A castle in the middle of a distant forest, a beast … All that all? As a warning, you may spend a few hours in the Biblioteca Comunale Archiginnasio time to admire the collections of books, the details of architecture and simply soak up the place. Good reading !

What to do in Bologna - Biblioteca comunale Achiginnasio @klimovskki

4. Waking up gently in a greenhouse

What’s better than to wake up gently with a nice homemade breakfast in the heart of a Bologna park? The Greenhouse Park Margherita is a place to test if you explore the city, you will not feel at all in Bologna but rather in the countryside in an arty workshop that serves good coffee and a homemade breakfast to fall. You can also maintain the community garden and buy your fruits, vegetables and other natural ingredients. In short, we love it.

What to do in Bologna - Parco Marguerita @frapepper

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That’s it, you’ve decided to finally visit Budapest ! It will not have escaped you, just like thousands of other gamblers, the Hungarian capital is one of the best European destinations to party . And this, for 3 reasons: the life on the spot does not cost anything, the evenings are more than unbridled and in addition, the city has one of the highest concentrations to the m² of DJs coming from the whole world. The best time to have fun is, unsurprisingly, summer. Yes, how else do you enjoy the rooftop bars and other completely delirious “spa parties”?

At Hostelworld, we love to share good, suddenly, it has put together a small selection of good addresses to go sympatic shaker her booty !

It’s party my kiki!

a38 cargo box

Embark aboard the Ukrainian cargo ship A38 for a night mixing expo, live concerts and meals … nautical. A true legend in Budapest, this floating dance hall attracts bands and DJs of all kinds, from Bollywood disco to French Touch. In addition to the concert hall, there are 4 other rooms / bars not to be missed: the “bow bar”, the one of the engine room, the rooftop and another terrace at the bow level. If your kiff is more a quiet and cultural evening, I recommend you go for a walk on the side of the gallery of the boat or try the restaurant on the upper deck with a breathtaking view of the Danube .

Delight at the Sziget Festival

festival sziget budapest

Presented as the European alternative to the Burning man, the Sziget Festival , it’s just a non-stop week of music and cultural events not stung by cockchafers. It takes place every August on the island of Obuda on the outskirts of Budapest. This year, we give you an appointment from 09 to 16 August, the prog ‘proves pretty foolish with nothing less than The Chainsmokers, Kasabian, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Major Lazer among others.

There is too little time to live here and so many “Ruin bars”

(Nuttea TMTC)

You may not be familiar with the ruin bar concept, so let me tell you their story. Already, you have to know that the concept is unique to Hungary. Then, fortunately, their little name indicates “bar” because the bizbiz is pretty crazy: mix of bar, coffee, beer garden and nightclub and which are also in completely crazy places: buildings in ruins, remnants of war … These Concept-locations appeared ten years ago and have contributed to the transformation of the historic Jewish quarter of the city into a veritable landmark of international DJs and teuffeurs. In all, there are more than twenty bars, and we made a small selection of our favorite addresses.

ruin bar budapest

We start with Fogas Ház (pictured above), which literally means “The House of the Teeth”. This is a small wink reminding of the past vocation of the building, which was … a dentist’s office in the 1950s! This cheerful mix of nightclub-bobo arts center is located in the district of Akacfa utca and is mainly frequented by locals. If you’ve always wanted to know what a hyster magyar bah looks like … this is the occasion. And chilli on the salami, in addition to being a banker- friendly , Fogas Haz offers bike rentals, sporting moments (football friends!) And a pretty famous pizzeria. Basically and if I summarize, there is no reason that you do not spend the whole night on the spot!

The very first “ruin bar” is called Szimpla Kert  (picture below). It’s just a huge labyrinth of corridors decorated with pretty lights, odd objects and bohemian spirit. So contrary to what the translation of his name suggests, it is not a ‘simple garden’, or else a forest model. Because there is inside a cinema, gardens of course and a super farmers’ market every Sunday!

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