Australian Winery Regions

Australia is known for having, in total, more than 60 winery regions across it. As a result, the country has received a worldwide reputation because of these wineries which have won a number of awards. Each winery region is accompanied by its own annual festival. During this festival, you can sample their culture, local wine, and food. The main winery regions are:

Hunter Valley

This is the oldest winery region in Australia. This is the place where you will find more than 150 wineries. These wineries are the ones that produce world-class wines. This winery region is mainly known for offering golf training courses, retreats for health spas, fine dining, galleries and schools that offer cooking courses.

Barossa Valley

This region is also the oldest winery region in Australia and was first settled by the European immigrants in the year 1842. There are approximately 150 wineries in this region in addition to cellar doors. The public is able to access only half of the cellar doors in this region. The remaining portion is only accessible by making an appointment. This winery region is highly known because of its seasonal fresh produce and restaurants that have won a number of awards as a result of its producers for artisan food.

Clare Valley

This winery region of Australia is known as the Australian Riesling Home because of its Riesling wine. It has a Mediterranean type of climate that is conducive when it comes to the production of Riesling wine that is of high quality. This climate also supports Shiraz production, Merlot grapes production, Chardonnay production, Semillon production and the production of Cabernet Sauvignon.

McLaren Vale

This is the winery region in Australia that gave birth to the industry of South Australian Wine. It boasts more than 65 wineries, mostly boutique-sized. There are 270 growers of grape who are independent in this region as well. The place is highly recognized because of its scenery, offering of wines that are impressive and because of its lush regional type of produce.

Mornington Peninsula

This is the best winery region in Australia for those who love food. The place is accompanied by a climate that is mild and topography that is natural. This is what makes the region able to support the growth of wine production. The hallmark varieties found in this winery region are the Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir. The visitors can wander around their olive groves that are rich in ocean views in a number of their gardens that are both public and private. This winery region was also known as the best place for holiday spending by the Victorians.