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If you are thinking about motorcycle hire for your next road trip you need to keep in mind that it is quite different than driving a car. It is important to keep a check on the traffic laws and use basic common sense in order to reduce the incidence of fatalities which are usually involved during motorcycle accidents. However the following basic safety rules would ensure that your ride is smooth and safe.

Safe riding tips from the experts at motorcycle hire

  • It is essential that while you are driving a motorcycle you should always wear a helmet with a face shield. If you prefer you can even wear protective eyewear. A rider who does not wear a helmet is at risk and could sustain a life threatening head injury.
  • The clothing that you wear while riding a motorcycle would reduce the amount of injuries if it skids or falls down. It is important to wear leather clothing and boots which come with grips, it is important and essential to wear gloves so that your hands can get a better grip of the handles and you are able to maneuver the bike carefully.
  • Always remember to follow the traffic rules and obey the speed limit. If you are driving to fast it would be difficult for you to slow down and could result in fatalities.
  • It what is essential to keep your riding skills in check. You must have a license and should even take riding courses from time to time to develop the right kind of riding technique and to also improve your street-smart strategies.
  • Before you start the right it is important that you are well prepared for it. The motorcycle should be fit to be ridden and you should make sure that it is in good working order. Take a look at the tires and check for any cracks or bulges. if you believe that the tread of the trier is worn out you might want to invest a new ones.
  • If you see any signs of an oil or gas leak make sure to get it checked immediately. Carry out the same testing methods for the headlight, the tail light as well as the signals to ensure that they are all functioning properly. Last but not the least do check the hydraulic fluids.
  • Do not forget to check out the clutch and the throttle and see whether they are working smoothly or not. The mirrors also need to be cleaned and adjusted so that you can have the perfect view. Also take a look at the brakes both the front and the back.

It is extremely important to keep all of the above mentioned safety tips in mind before you start riding your motorcycle. Another thing to consider is that you should only go for a motorcycle hire from a reliable vendor. They should be someone you could trust because you would be handing over your important documents as safe keeping while you get a motorcycle for hire.

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Doing a bit of fishing is the finest way of rounding up a tropical vacation. Fishing in the ocean is still the best way to do it and booking a boat charter the smartest way to do so.

Booking Cairns fishing charters is a great way to spend a day or two or even just a few hours on the water. Chartering a boat frees you from worrying about things such as fuel costs, finding a fish, and mooring the boat. The tricky part is in picking out the right boat charter for your needs.

There are a few things to consider when booking a fishing charter, to include:


Close to you

A charter that’s close to the place you’re currently staying makes sense. It doesn’t make sense to book a boat charter across the city when there’s a marina just a couple of steps from you. Don’t get tempted with the cheaper rates offered by charters across the city. Remember, charter boats leave very early in the morning. Travelling across town before the sun rises is difficult. You would not welcome the stress of waking up earlier than you should to make it to the boat schedule.

Kind of preferred Fishing

The kind of preferred fishing is another consideration. Do you prefer reef, inshore, night or offshore fishing? The kind of fishing you want is the determinant for your choice of chartered fishing. Remember to ask the boat charter about the types of fishing opportunities they offer. Don’t forget to mention the type of fishing you prefer to do as well. You might end up on a tuna charter when you preferred fishing bonefish in the flats.


The Size of the Group

Will a lot of people go with you on the boat fishing charter or are you fishing alone? Being alone or having several numbers of people along with you determines the kind of charter boat you need.

A large group would need to hire a private charter. Being on your own can make you share a charter with other people.

There are pretty standard charter boats that can hold up to six people. Party boats, on the other hand, are capable of accommodating up to 60 people. A shared charter is a good option if you don’t mind sharing a boat with total strangers as long as you get on the water. Private charters offer the best experience if money is not the issue.


The Duration of the Trip

The duration of the trip is another factor to consider before hiring a charter boat. An overnight charter means fishing all night or sleeping all night on the boat. A full day charter means eight hours of fishing and four hours fishing for a half-day charter.

An all-day charter does not guarantee the catching of more fish. However, the chance of hooking big ones is boosted with all-day charter trips.


The Type of Boat

The kind of trip you experience depends on the type of chosen boat. A centre console boat is not the right choice for an overnight trip. A large sportfisher will not make you fish the flats. Having a specific fishing goal determines the right type of charter boat to pick.


Family resorts have age-fitting exercises with an overseeing group of experts. They connect with children and engage them all through their stay at the family resorts. Your kids get a bona fide experience with inventive children to experience programs, while you unwind too. They structure these projects for all ages and set a vital involvement in an easygoing, fun and safe condition.

Qualities of family resorts in Gold Coast

Cordial and supportive staff

Now and again, representatives are the ones who have the effect, not the properties or the luxuries. Families observe supportive front work area staff who will invite them when they arrive late with their worn out children. They have maids and staff who can recollect your children’s hypersensitivity needs by their second dinner.

Clean to its maximum level

They guarantee elevated expectations of tidiness, which is a prerequisite for the two grown-ups and youngsters. They certification clean floors for infants to slither and shimmering baths for children to wash in. Air quality is a factor that will help in lessening youth hypersensitivities. Along these lines, they keep non-smoking rooms free from smell. Notwithstanding, smoking rooms never smell as though they were used by constant smokers.

Stimulation for the whole family

The emphasis so regularly on kids exercises where they participate in their directed exercises. This gives guardians and grandparents time to participate in exercises, for example, workout regimes and culinary occasions.

Pools and water parks

Pools more often than not pull in numerous families whether they are inside or outside. These retreats fuse water park components, for example, sluggish waterways or play territories with water guns and shower highlights. They have shallow pools where your children can swim in comfort.

Worth included additional items

Families esteem the additional items that improve a trek just as the arrangements. On the off chance that the rates contrast and different properties in the zone yet incorporate admission to the nearby water park, families think of it as a worth.

The hotels offer additional items, for example, hot breakfast, free stopping, early registration, and late checkout. They can supplement with administrations, for example, wi-fi for some clients, youngsters, dinners and bunks and exercises, for example, expressions and art and film appears.

Exercises and play spaces

They give kids exercises that connect with them physically and rationally. These projects are more-esteemed than having them before a screen. Likewise, there are expressions and art sessions, enchantment appears, clubs for explicit age gatherings and open-air fire singalongs for children all things considered. Play areas or yard spaces are basic for families that have dynamic kids.

Home-like qualities

With every one of the spaces and accommodations, families adore it, prescribe it and want to come back to it since it feels like home. They have open suites for children to play which the families respect all around exceedingly. Washers, driers, and coolers make a stay agreeable, increasingly loose and practical.

Helpful area

Families need family resorts being over the road, a couple of minutes away drive from neighbourhood attractions and strip malls. They can offer day by day and complimentary transport transportation to the close-by purposes of fascination.

Comprehensive exercises

There is generally a positive inclination when you pay one cost for everything, and afterwards, families with children can nourish and engage themselves. Families exceedingly esteem thorough projects, for example, exercises and exercises, for example, swimming, zip covering and skiing utilising fitting gear.

At last, on the off chance that you are going with youngsters, Ultiqa off family resorts on the Gold Coast can offer family rates or limited rates for underage kids.


If there were only one city in Italy (impossible) to advise the foodies of the planet, it would be Bologna (yes). It is true that this is not the first Italian city that we think of when we imagine comfortably installed on a terrace, glass of wine (or beer) in hand, crunching a tooth in a huge pizza crisp or taking a fork of pasta bolognesa (moreover it is not for nothing that they are called “Bolognese”).

Of course if you launch us, we could continue to write whole paragraphs on the sweets of this city, both salty and sweet (well continue reading and you will end up falling over). If the good Italian dishes are not enough to attract you to Bologna, then perhaps the architecture worthy of a museum, one of the oldest universities in Europe, hospitality, culture, bars and the general atmosphere that reigns there will make you falter. So follow us, here are the good plans not to miss in Bologna.

Bologna Italy

Our 4 favorites in Bologna

If tradition is that we often reserve the best for the end, not this time! As much your gives the best tips and other good addresses from the start, right? Difficult to make a choice, so after many debates and dilemmas, we finally managed to make our top list.

1. Gourmet break at Sorbetteria Castiglione

One thing is certain, you will be spoiled for choice among the many glaciers of the city. But if we had to choose … Impossible not to literally melt in front of one of the ice cream Italian Sorbetteria Castiglione. You may spend a good fifteen minutes trying to decide among the farandole of perfumes on offer (seasonal please). In short, a delight!

Sorbetteria Castiglione, Bologna @ linz10783

2. A coffee as we like it at Fram Café

If just as we like you to taste a good coffee (a true real), there are plenty of good places in Italy. But if we had to choose it would be at Fram café, the coffee is top, the vintage decor, the relaxing atmosphere … A little peace has the corner of a small lane of Bologna. What more ?

What to do in Bologna - Fram café @antoniomartiniello

3. Paradise for library rats …

This sublime library (open to the public, yes you’ve read correctly) does not remind you of anything? A castle in the middle of a distant forest, a beast … All that all? As a warning, you may spend a few hours in the Biblioteca Comunale Archiginnasio time to admire the collections of books, the details of architecture and simply soak up the place. Good reading !

What to do in Bologna - Biblioteca comunale Achiginnasio @klimovskki

4. Waking up gently in a greenhouse

What’s better than to wake up gently with a nice homemade breakfast in the heart of a Bologna park? The Greenhouse Park Margherita is a place to test if you explore the city, you will not feel at all in Bologna but rather in the countryside in an arty workshop that serves good coffee and a homemade breakfast to fall. You can also maintain the community garden and buy your fruits, vegetables and other natural ingredients. In short, we love it.

What to do in Bologna - Parco Marguerita @frapepper

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That’s it, you’ve decided to finally visit Budapest ! It will not have escaped you, just like thousands of other gamblers, the Hungarian capital is one of the best European destinations to party . And this, for 3 reasons: the life on the spot does not cost anything, the evenings are more than unbridled and in addition, the city has one of the highest concentrations to the m² of DJs coming from the whole world. The best time to have fun is, unsurprisingly, summer. Yes, how else do you enjoy the rooftop bars and other completely delirious “spa parties”?

At Hostelworld, we love to share good, suddenly, it has put together a small selection of good addresses to go sympatic shaker her booty !

It’s party my kiki!

a38 cargo box

Embark aboard the Ukrainian cargo ship A38 for a night mixing expo, live concerts and meals … nautical. A true legend in Budapest, this floating dance hall attracts bands and DJs of all kinds, from Bollywood disco to French Touch. In addition to the concert hall, there are 4 other rooms / bars not to be missed: the “bow bar”, the one of the engine room, the rooftop and another terrace at the bow level. If your kiff is more a quiet and cultural evening, I recommend you go for a walk on the side of the gallery of the boat or try the restaurant on the upper deck with a breathtaking view of the Danube .

Delight at the Sziget Festival

festival sziget budapest

Presented as the European alternative to the Burning man, the Sziget Festival , it’s just a non-stop week of music and cultural events not stung by cockchafers. It takes place every August on the island of Obuda on the outskirts of Budapest. This year, we give you an appointment from 09 to 16 August, the prog ‘proves pretty foolish with nothing less than The Chainsmokers, Kasabian, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Major Lazer among others.

There is too little time to live here and so many “Ruin bars”

(Nuttea TMTC)

You may not be familiar with the ruin bar concept, so let me tell you their story. Already, you have to know that the concept is unique to Hungary. Then, fortunately, their little name indicates “bar” because the bizbiz is pretty crazy: mix of bar, coffee, beer garden and nightclub and which are also in completely crazy places: buildings in ruins, remnants of war … These Concept-locations appeared ten years ago and have contributed to the transformation of the historic Jewish quarter of the city into a veritable landmark of international DJs and teuffeurs. In all, there are more than twenty bars, and we made a small selection of our favorite addresses.

ruin bar budapest

We start with Fogas Ház (pictured above), which literally means “The House of the Teeth”. This is a small wink reminding of the past vocation of the building, which was … a dentist’s office in the 1950s! This cheerful mix of nightclub-bobo arts center is located in the district of Akacfa utca and is mainly frequented by locals. If you’ve always wanted to know what a hyster magyar bah looks like … this is the occasion. And chilli on the salami, in addition to being a banker- friendly , Fogas Haz offers bike rentals, sporting moments (football friends!) And a pretty famous pizzeria. Basically and if I summarize, there is no reason that you do not spend the whole night on the spot!

The very first “ruin bar” is called Szimpla Kert  (picture below). It’s just a huge labyrinth of corridors decorated with pretty lights, odd objects and bohemian spirit. So contrary to what the translation of his name suggests, it is not a ‘simple garden’, or else a forest model. Because there is inside a cinema, gardens of course and a super farmers’ market every Sunday!

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