Best Winery Regions in Victoria

Victoria is a state located in Australia and is ranked second to last when compared to other states in this country. Despite its ranking, the state is home to a number of winery regions similar to other states in Australia. The greatest diversity of its local climate and regional climate is what allows the production of wines of different styles. These wines are like the savoury Shiraz wine, the Chardonnay wine that is known to be of high quality, the fine sparkling wine, the Rutherglen wines, the age-worthy cabinet wine and the Pinot Noir wine. The best winery regions in Victoria are:

Goulburn Valley

This is one of the best winery regions found in central Victoria and is situated at a distance of 100km toward the northern side of Melbourne and at a distance of 50km toward the eastern part of Heathcote. The climate of this winery region is warm with temperatures that are wildly fluctuating over the growing period. The main wineries in this region are the Mitchelton winery and the Tahbilk winery.

Yarra Valley

This is the winery region found in Victoria that is the most easily accessed. It is located at a distance not exceeding one hour from Melbourne. The climate of this region is cool. The important wineries in this region include the Coldstream Hills winery, the Tarrawarra Estate winery, the Yeringberg winery, the Yarra Yering winery, and many more. The primary varieties include the Chardonnay wine, the Shiraz wine, the Pinot Noir wine and the Cabernet Sauvignon wine.


The climate of this winery region is cold. The visitors of this region are mainly attracted by the Giaconda wines in addition to other fine producers. Chardonnay is recognized as the type of variety that is more successful in this place whereby it produces wines that have a great complexity and are also elegant, which is great too. The main primary varieties include the Shiraz variety, the Chardonnay variety, and the Pinot Noir variety. The important wines are the Amulet wine and the Giaconda wine.


The region is accompanied by a climate that is hot. This is the winery region located on the north-eastern side of Victoria and is known for producing fortified wines. These types of wines are categorized to be the finest in the entire world. The primary varieties include the Muscadelle variety and the Rutherglen Brown Muscat variety.


This winery region experiences cool climate. The region is abundant with small-sized family wineries. The important wineries in this region are the Bass Philip winery and the Nicholson River winery. The primary varieties include the Chardonnay variety, the Pinot Noir variety and the Cabernet Sauvignon variety.