Western Australia

Best Winery Regions in Western Australia

Let your taste buds sample some of the highly delicious wines of the land down under in the nine major wine arenas of the western part of Australia. When you head to this region, you will not only see a beautiful long coastline but also plenty of scenic locations and majestic forests as well as very high mountain ranges and gorgeous rivers. And besides all this, it has the ideal kind of climatic condition and soil variety that helps in the manufacturing of the best wines in the western arena of the Australian continent. Top-notch wine brands that you can sip on here in this region include the delicious Chardonnay & bubbly Cabernet Sauvignon and are grown mainly in the ever-popular Margaret arena of the western region of the land down under. Let us enjoy a trip to the land down under and sample some of the best wines here.

Taking a glance at Western Australia’s top wine regions

If you head to the land down under’s western part for wine exploring, you will definitely end up at the Swan Valley region, the Margaret River region and the Great Southern region. These three regions are the most lucrative and beautiful wine regions in this region of the land down under and have around 150 wineries in this region alone. Each of these distinctive regions creates a delightful and tasty wine that characterises each area. There are several sub regions over here as well that produce some awesome wines but need to be explored as they are off the beaten track.

  • The Swan Valley wine region

This region is a great choice for all those who are staying in the city and don’t want to venture too far out into the countryside as this Swan Valley wine region is just about forty-five minutes from the beautiful land of Perth by car. This is also the hottest wine region in the western region of the land down under where grapes are harvested for wine in January itself so you can get your bubbly early and well-done.  You can find some great kind of wines here including the likes of Chenin Blanc, Verdelho, and Chardonnay. For those who might be getting a headache from all the wine tasting, there are some great coffee areas here as well, where you can have a good “cuppa joe.”

  • The Margaret River wine region

When you come to Western Australia, you have to make time for the Margaret River region as it has one of the best climates as well as a beautiful region that is ideal to grow wines. You will find a lot of the major kind of wineries of the land down under in this region. You can sample some delicious varieties here like the delectable Cabernet Sauvignon, fascinating Semillon, exotic Chenin Blanc and the mesmerising Sauvignon Blanc. And you can always have a warm and rustic Aussie experience in this region at the Ashbrook estate where you will get to sample some fine Riesling wines. It has a very quiet and relaxed feel and isn’t that big, so you won’t get too tired while exploring this estate.

  • The Great Southern wine region

You must start with Western Australia’s largest wine region that will give you some delectable wines and this is the Great Southern region. Here you can sample some fine wines like Pinot Noir, Malbec, Riesling and Shiraz and nibble on some treats on the side as well. The area is divided into five sub regions to help you explore this side better. These five regions are the gorgeous Albany, scenic Denmark, iconic Frankland River, beautiful Porongurup and majestic Mount Barker.