Importance of choosing the right Mornington wedding venues

The first major decision that has to be made by engaged couples when planning their wedding is the choice of wedding venue. The multiple options offered by Mornington wedding venues can challenge any engaged couple.

Yet, the task becomes doable if the couple agrees on what they want and need. Here are some important things to think about when scouting around for the perfect wedding venue.


Ample space

Looking at the empty spaces of several potential venues can make you think that it’s enough. However, wedding essentials such as chairs, tables, buffet table, and table for the cake, sound system or band can quickly eat up space. The smartest thing to do is to pay the venue a visit when they are hosting another wedding. This can make you see if space works for what you have planned for your big day.


Separate sections

An ideal wedding venue should have separate sections that can accommodate the typical activities of a wedding party. This means that the shape of the place should be taken into serious consideration. For instance, odd-shaped areas in the middle of the room may block people’s views at the back on things happening in front.  The flow of the wedding activities can be compromised by factors like this.



Privacy during the wedding is important to the newly-weds and their guests. This means that a wedding venue should have security measures to turn gate crashers away. Complete privacy is achieved with venues that only host events once–a-day. If they don’t and you like the venue, pay them a visit when they are hosting an event to see how the activities of one can affect the other.


Lighting sets the ambiance of the wedding party. The right use of lighting can set the perfect mood for the couple and their guests. A venue with lots of windows is the ideal option for daytime weddings. For night-time weddings, the lighting in the hallway and room should be checked to see if it’s adequate. Using candles may not provide adequate lighting even when it is a romantic idea. Ask as well if the lighting is included with the rent of the space.


Venues offering amazing views are the best if the budget allows. However, creative decor can do wonders for venues that do not offer lush views. The thing is to make the theme and decor unique to entertain waiting guests.


Parking space

Adequate parking space should be considered as well. However, carpooling or shuttle rides to the wedding venue can quickly resolve the problem of parking space. You don’t have to forego the chosen venue for lack of parking space.


Sound quality

Acoustics is an important thing to consider especially when the chosen venue is a closed-off space like ballrooms. A playing band can produce reverberating sounds that will hinder conversation. The rule of thumb to remember when it comes to acoustics is this: carpeted floors muffle sounds while tile floors amplify them.


The guest list, attire, theme, catering, and decor are all essential things to plan for your wedding. However, all these things are influenced by the choice of wedding venue. Dream weddings happen because of the right choice of wedding venue. Get married at a Mornington Peninsula wedding venue because they have beautiful views and romantic ambiance.


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