Things to consider when booking Cairns Fishing Charters

Doing a bit of fishing is the finest way of rounding up a tropical vacation. Fishing in the ocean is still the best way to do it and booking a boat charter the smartest way to do so.

Booking Cairns fishing charters is a great way to spend a day or two or even just a few hours on the water. Chartering a boat frees you from worrying about things such as fuel costs, finding a fish, and mooring the boat. The tricky part is in picking out the right boat charter for your needs.

There are a few things to consider when booking a fishing charter, to include:


Close to you

A charter that’s close to the place you’re currently staying makes sense. It doesn’t make sense to book a boat charter across the city when there’s a marina just a couple of steps from you. Don’t get tempted with the cheaper rates offered by charters across the city. Remember, charter boats leave very early in the morning. Travelling across town before the sun rises is difficult. You would not welcome the stress of waking up earlier than you should to make it to the boat schedule.

Kind of preferred Fishing

The kind of preferred fishing is another consideration. Do you prefer reef, inshore, night or offshore fishing? The kind of fishing you want is the determinant for your choice of chartered fishing. Remember to ask the boat charter about the types of fishing opportunities they offer. Don’t forget to mention the type of fishing you prefer to do as well. You might end up on a tuna charter when you preferred fishing bonefish in the flats.


The Size of the Group

Will a lot of people go with you on the boat fishing charter or are you fishing alone? Being alone or having several numbers of people along with you determines the kind of charter boat you need.

A large group would need to hire a private charter. Being on your own can make you share a charter with other people.

There are pretty standard charter boats that can hold up to six people. Party boats, on the other hand, are capable of accommodating up to 60 people. A shared charter is a good option if you don’t mind sharing a boat with total strangers as long as you get on the water. Private charters offer the best experience if money is not the issue.


The Duration of the Trip

The duration of the trip is another factor to consider before hiring a charter boat. An overnight charter means fishing all night or sleeping all night on the boat. A full day charter means eight hours of fishing and four hours fishing for a half-day charter.

An all-day charter does not guarantee the catching of more fish. However, the chance of hooking big ones is boosted with all-day charter trips.


The Type of Boat

The kind of trip you experience depends on the type of chosen boat. A centre console boat is not the right choice for an overnight trip. A large sportfisher will not make you fish the flats. Having a specific fishing goal determines the right type of charter boat to pick.

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