Importance of using wristbands for any event

Does your calendar prominently display plans for organising a killer event? Tracking people’s attendance at your event is popularly covered by wristbands and tickets. What is your choice?

Simple explanation of event wristbands

Of course, you know what an event wristband is! It is a circlet made of different materials that are worn on the wrists by attendees during events.

Yet, today’s wristbands have become available in all colours, material, sizes, and shapes. The popular materials used for events wristbands include:

  • Paper, yes, paper but the durable kind such as Tyvek
  • Cloth
  • Plastic
  • RFID
  • Vinyl
  • Silicone

The varied technology and materials used in wristbands have made the must-haves during big and small events and festivals. Wristbands using the latest technology such as RFID have become popular for event organisers that want to track their attendees.


Importance of using wristbands for any event


Event organisers have seen the sense of using wristbands than tickets for events. While tickets are still useful to some event organisers, the use of smart technology in many wristbands for events make them the top choice.

The importance of using wristbands for any event includes:

Win at branding

Tickets can be colourful with custom designs to include trendy holograms and patterns. However, wristbands are the preferred choice of attendees. It’s human nature to keep mementos of important events. This includes tickets, booklets, and whatever of exciting events, concerts, and festivals.

However, tickets can’t be worn on the wrist. Customers like wearing colourful and beautifully-designed wristbands showing favourite brands and logos.

A business that creates an outstanding wristband design for customers to wear over the years wins at branding. The free advertising your brand gets displayed on the wrists of your clients and attendees is priceless.


Helps to secure the event

Killer events attract both legal and illegal attendees. Things quickly get out of control when people start swarming the gate of the event. The security team finds their hands full trying to weed out the legal attendees from the freeloaders.

Wristbands can make the security of the event stay protected at all times. The particular colour used in the wristbands helps to identify the classification of attendees.

For instance, attendees wearing colours for ages below 21 can quickly be stopped by security personnel to drink beer or wine. Missing children are quickly found using the colour-code of the wristband.


Quick and fast entry

Checking people’s entry into the event will always be done whether tickets or wristbands are used. However, the quickest way to let people in is by way of wristbands.

The long lines at the entry point of any event are usually caused by people searching their pockets or wallets for their tickets. Handing them over to the ticket checker uses up additional time.

Leveraging an RFID wristband or flashing a cloth, silicone, or plastic wristband is the fastest and seamless way of allowing attendees in. What could be faster than that?







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