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Does your calendar prominently display plans for organising a killer event? Tracking people’s attendance at your event is popularly covered by wristbands and tickets. What is your choice?

Simple explanation of event wristbands

Of course, you know what an event wristband is! It is a circlet made of different materials that are worn on the wrists by attendees during events.

Yet, today’s wristbands have become available in all colours, material, sizes, and shapes. The popular materials used for events wristbands include:

  • Paper, yes, paper but the durable kind such as Tyvek
  • Cloth
  • Plastic
  • RFID
  • Vinyl
  • Silicone

The varied technology and materials used in wristbands have made the must-haves during big and small events and festivals. Wristbands using the latest technology such as RFID have become popular for event organisers that want to track their attendees.


Importance of using wristbands for any event


Event organisers have seen the sense of using wristbands than tickets for events. While tickets are still useful to some event organisers, the use of smart technology in many wristbands for events make them the top choice.

The importance of using wristbands for any event includes:

Win at branding

Tickets can be colourful with custom designs to include trendy holograms and patterns. However, wristbands are the preferred choice of attendees. It’s human nature to keep mementos of important events. This includes tickets, booklets, and whatever of exciting events, concerts, and festivals.

However, tickets can’t be worn on the wrist. Customers like wearing colourful and beautifully-designed wristbands showing favourite brands and logos.

A business that creates an outstanding wristband design for customers to wear over the years wins at branding. The free advertising your brand gets displayed on the wrists of your clients and attendees is priceless.


Helps to secure the event

Killer events attract both legal and illegal attendees. Things quickly get out of control when people start swarming the gate of the event. The security team finds their hands full trying to weed out the legal attendees from the freeloaders.

Wristbands can make the security of the event stay protected at all times. The particular colour used in the wristbands helps to identify the classification of attendees.

For instance, attendees wearing colours for ages below 21 can quickly be stopped by security personnel to drink beer or wine. Missing children are quickly found using the colour-code of the wristband.


Quick and fast entry

Checking people’s entry into the event will always be done whether tickets or wristbands are used. However, the quickest way to let people in is by way of wristbands.

The long lines at the entry point of any event are usually caused by people searching their pockets or wallets for their tickets. Handing them over to the ticket checker uses up additional time.

Leveraging an RFID wristband or flashing a cloth, silicone, or plastic wristband is the fastest and seamless way of allowing attendees in. What could be faster than that?








One of the most trivial decisions one has to make when it comes to travelling is where they will stay. Accommodation options often affect the popularity of a  travel destination. Thus, there have been massive investment projects set to provide exquisite accommodation for travelers on holiday.

These accommodation options range from hotels and motels, hostels and apartments. For those who would rather experience the authenticity of the destination they are visiting and be like one of the locals, accommodation apartments are the way to go. They create a home away from home with a touch of new experiences and a side of interaction with locals.

Choosing Hervey Bay accommodation apartments can be the difference between a fun-filled and relaxed holiday and an unsettled one. There is a wide array of choices when it comes to accommodation apartments. You get to select the one that best suits your travel plans.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Accommodation Apartment

The first determiner of the type, size and location of the accommodation apartment you choose is your intended expenditure. There is a wide array of choices that fall under different budget ranges, each of which is designed and crafted to provide you with the ultimate travel experience.

You also need to consider the number of people that will be occupying the apartment. Account for both adults and children to avoid being crammed into a tiny space. There are accommodation apartments that are child-friendly and are smoke-free. This is also a critical factor to consider.

Your desired lifestyle determines several factors in choosing an accommodation apartment. It will affect the location and size, not to mention the extra resources and services you get. A highly lavish lifestyle also leads to an increase in pricing.

Finally, you need to consider the period you will spend in the accommodation apartment. The activities you plan to engage in determining the amount of time you are in the apartment. These details should guide your choice. You will either be spending too much or too little time in the apartment.

The type of resources you will need for the house will be determined by the activities you engage in, and it also affects the quality of experience you get while on holiday. For those who fancy a home away from home and integration with local culture and community, the opportunities offered by shopping sprees for your apartment will feed your needs.

Advantages of Accommodation Apartments

Other than getting to experience the authentic lifestyle of the locals, you also get extra perks such as additional leisure resources. You get to use swimming pools, saunas and gyms, WIFI, parking spaces, bars and eating establishments all within the vicinity of the accommodation apartment. These extra services are dependent on the type of apartment you choose.

The staff are friendly and ever ready to assist you. You get excellent value for your money as the accommodation is exquisite. Your apartment will be fully stocked with necessary resources. You will get a fully functioning kitchen and fully furnished rooms with sleek furniture and stellar décor.

Space in the apartments is enough for all your needs, and you will find them adequately cleaned, and everything set apart for use. You get to do all you need within the accommodation apartments and enjoy proximity to breathtaking scenery and leisure centres such as malls and restaurants.


If there were only one city in Italy (impossible) to advise the foodies of the planet, it would be Bologna (yes). It is true that this is not the first Italian city that we think of when we imagine comfortably installed on a terrace, glass of wine (or beer) in hand, crunching a tooth in a huge pizza crisp or taking a fork of pasta bolognesa (moreover it is not for nothing that they are called “Bolognese”).

Of course if you launch us, we could continue to write whole paragraphs on the sweets of this city, both salty and sweet (well continue reading and you will end up falling over). If the good Italian dishes are not enough to attract you to Bologna, then perhaps the architecture worthy of a museum, one of the oldest universities in Europe, hospitality, culture, bars and the general atmosphere that reigns there will make you falter. So follow us, here are the good plans not to miss in Bologna.

Bologna Italy

Our 4 favorites in Bologna

If tradition is that we often reserve the best for the end, not this time! As much your gives the best tips and other good addresses from the start, right? Difficult to make a choice, so after many debates and dilemmas, we finally managed to make our top list.

1. Gourmet break at Sorbetteria Castiglione

One thing is certain, you will be spoiled for choice among the many glaciers of the city. But if we had to choose … Impossible not to literally melt in front of one of the ice cream Italian Sorbetteria Castiglione. You may spend a good fifteen minutes trying to decide among the farandole of perfumes on offer (seasonal please). In short, a delight!

Sorbetteria Castiglione, Bologna @ linz10783

2. A coffee as we like it at Fram Café

If just as we like you to taste a good coffee (a true real), there are plenty of good places in Italy. But if we had to choose it would be at Fram café, the coffee is top, the vintage decor, the relaxing atmosphere … A little peace has the corner of a small lane of Bologna. What more ?

What to do in Bologna - Fram café @antoniomartiniello

3. Paradise for library rats …

This sublime library (open to the public, yes you’ve read correctly) does not remind you of anything? A castle in the middle of a distant forest, a beast … All that all? As a warning, you may spend a few hours in the Biblioteca Comunale Archiginnasio time to admire the collections of books, the details of architecture and simply soak up the place. Good reading !

What to do in Bologna - Biblioteca comunale Achiginnasio @klimovskki

4. Waking up gently in a greenhouse

What’s better than to wake up gently with a nice homemade breakfast in the heart of a Bologna park? The Greenhouse Park Margherita is a place to test if you explore the city, you will not feel at all in Bologna but rather in the countryside in an arty workshop that serves good coffee and a homemade breakfast to fall. You can also maintain the community garden and buy your fruits, vegetables and other natural ingredients. In short, we love it.

What to do in Bologna - Parco Marguerita @frapepper

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That’s it, you’ve decided to finally visit Budapest ! It will not have escaped you, just like thousands of other gamblers, the Hungarian capital is one of the best European destinations to party . And this, for 3 reasons: the life on the spot does not cost anything, the evenings are more than unbridled and in addition, the city has one of the highest concentrations to the m² of DJs coming from the whole world. The best time to have fun is, unsurprisingly, summer. Yes, how else do you enjoy the rooftop bars and other completely delirious “spa parties”?

At Hostelworld, we love to share good, suddenly, it has put together a small selection of good addresses to go sympatic shaker her booty !

It’s party my kiki!

a38 cargo box

Embark aboard the Ukrainian cargo ship A38 for a night mixing expo, live concerts and meals … nautical. A true legend in Budapest, this floating dance hall attracts bands and DJs of all kinds, from Bollywood disco to French Touch. In addition to the concert hall, there are 4 other rooms / bars not to be missed: the “bow bar”, the one of the engine room, the rooftop and another terrace at the bow level. If your kiff is more a quiet and cultural evening, I recommend you go for a walk on the side of the gallery of the boat or try the restaurant on the upper deck with a breathtaking view of the Danube .

Delight at the Sziget Festival

festival sziget budapest

Presented as the European alternative to the Burning man, the Sziget Festival , it’s just a non-stop week of music and cultural events not stung by cockchafers. It takes place every August on the island of Obuda on the outskirts of Budapest. This year, we give you an appointment from 09 to 16 August, the prog ‘proves pretty foolish with nothing less than The Chainsmokers, Kasabian, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Major Lazer among others.

There is too little time to live here and so many “Ruin bars”

(Nuttea TMTC)

You may not be familiar with the ruin bar concept, so let me tell you their story. Already, you have to know that the concept is unique to Hungary. Then, fortunately, their little name indicates “bar” because the bizbiz is pretty crazy: mix of bar, coffee, beer garden and nightclub and which are also in completely crazy places: buildings in ruins, remnants of war … These Concept-locations appeared ten years ago and have contributed to the transformation of the historic Jewish quarter of the city into a veritable landmark of international DJs and teuffeurs. In all, there are more than twenty bars, and we made a small selection of our favorite addresses.

ruin bar budapest

We start with Fogas Ház (pictured above), which literally means “The House of the Teeth”. This is a small wink reminding of the past vocation of the building, which was … a dentist’s office in the 1950s! This cheerful mix of nightclub-bobo arts center is located in the district of Akacfa utca and is mainly frequented by locals. If you’ve always wanted to know what a hyster magyar bah looks like … this is the occasion. And chilli on the salami, in addition to being a banker- friendly , Fogas Haz offers bike rentals, sporting moments (football friends!) And a pretty famous pizzeria. Basically and if I summarize, there is no reason that you do not spend the whole night on the spot!

The very first “ruin bar” is called Szimpla Kert  (picture below). It’s just a huge labyrinth of corridors decorated with pretty lights, odd objects and bohemian spirit. So contrary to what the translation of his name suggests, it is not a ‘simple garden’, or else a forest model. Because there is inside a cinema, gardens of course and a super farmers’ market every Sunday!

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